Daily Archives: 2007/11/06

First day (5.11.2007) at TechEd Barcelona…

Ok, the first day has started with nice 16 degree Celcius 😉

The plane was a bit too late so I missed parts of the keynote. The biggest news (for me) from the keynote is, that VS2008 will be available late this month to all MSDN subscribers.

In an other session someone from MS (Steven Martin) announced a new tool for model design which will replace all various existing tools (codename Oslo). The release will be Orcas+1 😉

In an other session, Matt Winkler (somehow looks like Don Box 😉 ) and David Aiken showed an example (DinnerNow) of an application by using over 20 of the newest MS technics: starting from WCF over WPF, AJAX, Vista-Gadgets, Silverlight, PowerShell, Cardspace, MMC-SnapIn, …
Quite impressive what can be done (if you have enought time 😉 ).

Today I will join the second part of the last session, which will explain how the did the whole stuff. Then I will go to an WPF session (Designd Rich Client Experiencse with WPF).

The upcoming C++ sessions:

13:30-14:45 “What’s New in Visual C++ 2008?”

9:00-10:15 “C++/CLI and Windows Vista: A Natural Fit”
15:15-17:00 “MFC Updates for Visual Studio 2008 and Beyond”

9:00-10:15: “Exploring the Upcoming C++ Standard: C++ 0x and TR1”