Monthly Archives: January 2008

A new team is now improving MSDN Help!

Since VS2002 the new help system was really bad. And it got even worser in every release of visual studio. The slowest version was starting with VS2005 and VS2008. Now MS has heard us!

April announced on her weblog, that MS has now set up a new team to “redesign” the MSDN Help system:

Help is Getting Help – The Long Overdue Makeover for Visual Studio and MSDN Help

Really great news! Hopefully this project will be successful!

MFC Update: MFC feature pack for VS2008 now available als Beta!

Yesterday MS announced the public availability of the MFCNext feature pack for Visual Studio 2008. This feature pack will contain all the “good stuff” which was already shown at TechEd-Developer in Barcelona.

You can download and get more infos about this feature pack from the following sites:

VCBlog post:

Download link: