Daily Archives: 2009/03/12

Building vcproj-Files with msbuild

If you want to batch-build VC++ projects you can either use devenv or msbuild.
msbuild has many option in which you can change and log the build process.

Here is just a example of a simple .proj-template for starting of batch-builds with msbuild:


You need just to save this file with the extension .proj” and call “msbuild” from the same directory. It will then do a “Rebuild” (see “DefaultTargets”).
Or you can do a “Clean” with “msbuild /t:Clean”.
You can also log to a file with “msbuild /v:d /fileLogger”.
Also, if you do not need a specific build-order of your projects, you can just include every vcproj-File in your subfolders by changing




Also, msbuild returns 0 if the build was sucessfull, otherwise “1”. So you can determine the result of the build in your batch-files.

So you can see: msbuild is very powerfull…

All-in-One Code Framework

If you need examples of some of the current Microsoft technologies, you have many technologies and programming languages available. For each of these technologies/languages you need to find a fitting example.

On CodePlex there is now an example-collection for most of the available technologies (COM, ActiveX-Control, ActiveX-Host, ADO, ADO.NET, Outlook-Customizing, DLL, DLL-delay-loaded, LIB, P/Invoke, CLR-hosting / named-pipes, mailslots, shared-memory, remoting) and programming languages (C/C++ (native / MFC / ATL) / C# / VB.NET):

Check out: All-In-One Code Framework