OleView not found in VS2008 and VS2010

If you have installed VS2008 and/or VS2010 (full), you will notice that OleView is not installed!
The product team decided to remove this utility from the tools-folder.

But you the source-code is still available! You can find it under

C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\\Samples\\1033\\VC2010Samples.zip

Extract the files and build (the release version of)


Then you have the two files: oleview.exe and iviewers.dll

Also, the same problem is with the OLE-Test Container (tstcon). This application can also be found in the samples.
See also: ActiveX Test Container Application is Still Available

2 thoughts on “OleView not found in VS2008 and VS2010

  1. Elfi

    My installation of VS 2010 has OleView in the “bin” directory of the Windows SDK component.

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