6 thoughts on “LogSubstPol updated to VS2010

  1. Peter Knife

    We are using an earlier version of LogSubstPol under VS2008 (and it’s great!). We are about to move to VS2010 clients, but need to use both VS2008 and VS2010 clients in parallel on the same PCs for a while. The TFS server is 2008 and is not being upgraded.

    Do we need to use the new version for VS2010 clients? If we “Install downloaded custom components” on the same PC under both VS2008 and VS2010 clients, will that set up everything correctly including both registry values?

  2. Ruben Kon

    We want to start using the LogSubstPol, but since we have already started the project we would like to get also all history of the revisions in the sources. Is it possible to force the tool to read all revisions history and insert it in the sources the first time?

  3. Ruben Kon

    I saw in the Wish List/Todo entry already that you defined what you wanted to do with the history: $importlog$. Is there any plan to implement the $importlog$ any time soon?

    1. jkalmbach Post author

      Currently I am not actively maintaining the logsubstpol project. I have converted the project to the GIT server, so everyone can add pull requests, which I will try to intergrate. If someone has migrated the project to VS2013/2015, then I can check it in… currently I am too busy to do the migration (and the testing!) by my own… sorry…

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