Screencast: Static link to the C-Runtime to prevent vcredist and overcome “Application configuration” problems

Here is a short screencast which shows how to adjust the project settings to link against the static C-runtime (CRT).

This prevents that you must ship the CRT-DLLs with your application. Your application just works after copying the exe to the target computer.

This is a “german” screencast:

13 thoughts on “Screencast: Static link to the C-Runtime to prevent vcredist and overcome “Application configuration” problems

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  2. David Manthey

    Thank you, sir. Your screencast quickly gave me the answer to this. I appreciate it.

  3. John

    The method shown on the screen cast for static linking doesn’t work for CLR applications. How do I statically link a /clr application?


  4. jkalmbach Post author

    It is explaind in the screencast, that it does not work if you have a /clr application!
    Conclusion: You can’t static link to the CRT if you have VS2005 or later (ir works with VS2002 and 2003).

  5. John

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    Bummer about static linking. I’ll give your method a shot. Trying to deploy on Vista, XP, and the FDDC.


  6. Duncan Smart

    Thanks for this Jochen, even though my German in non-existent, I just needed to see which option it was 🙂

    Vielen Dank!

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  8. Al Dimond

    Why post a screencast when you could explain it in words? Words are a lot easier to use!

  9. jkalmbach Post author

    Hi Al!

    I have explaint this about 3000 times via words… then I got about 2000 responses that it does not work or they cannot find it… the I responded again, that you should *look* exactly what I have written… After about 1000 responses again, I made the 2 min screencast….

    Maybe my words are not able to express, what screencasts can 😉

  10. Arlt

    Diese Einstellungen /MT für Executables sind aber leider bei Multi Threaded DLL’s (/MD) aus einem mir nicht bekannten Grund noch nicht ausreichend. Den einzigen Hinweis, welchen ich bisher gefunden habe ist, dass bei statisch gelinkten DLL’s weiterhin Abhängigkeiten zur msvcp90.dll bestehen wenn die STL verwendet wird. Dies ist bei mir aber nicht der Fall.

    Gibt es irgendwo eine Anleitung für statically linked (/MD) DLL’s, die ohne vcredist.exe lauffähig sind?

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