Screencast: API Logging with the Application Compatibility Layer

Hi all!

Today I did a screencast on how to use the application compatibility layer (and especially the APILogger shim) to do API logging.

This is a very interesting screencast if you want to log and display API calls of other programs in a very nice and simple way.

So enjoy (14:59 min):

Here are also the links which are shown in the presentation:

3 thoughts on “Screencast: API Logging with the Application Compatibility Layer

  1. Marc Sherman

    Thanks for this. In the past I’ve used logexts for api logging within windbg. I remember it crashing about 40% of the time.

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  3. Ben Schwehn

    Thanks for the quite interesting post! I didn’t even know about the ACT before.
    However, since you need to have the debugging tools installed in order to get logexts.dll, it seems to me that just using logger.exe [] that comes with it is in many cases even simpler for just API logging. Either way, interesting stuff.


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