MFCNext / VS2008 VC++ Feature Pack is RTM

The feature Pack for VC++ 2008 is now available for download.

It is some kind of confusing:
You can download the feature Pack for the englisch version only (ENU)!

If you have installed a localized version of VS (e.g. german), you must wait until the release of SP1. Hopefully the ENU-SP1 will also include the Feature Pack…

If you have a non-english OS the installation will fail! You need to change the system-language and formats to “en-us” and re-run the installation… this is a typically US bug…

Also one note: If you want to use the new Ribbon UI (Office 2007 UI, also known as Fluent UI), you must agree to the Office 2007 license!

Here are the links:
Direct download link
Redistributable package (x86)
Docu: MFC Feature Pack
Docu: TR1 Extensions

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