VS2008 Service Pack 1 is available!

Today, the first service pack for Visual Studio 2008 has shipped:

But it seems that the installer is not very user-friendly:

If you previously installed a Visual Studio 2008 Hotfix, you must run the Hotfix Cleanup Utility before installing Visual Studio 2008 SP1. For more information, see Visual Studio 2008 Hotfix Cleanup Utility for Installing Visual Studio 2008 SP1.

Also, the KB article with the list of all fixes is not yet updated:

Hopefully this SP will fix many bugs 😉

2 thoughts on “VS2008 Service Pack 1 is available!

  1. Koro

    Let’s hope this time the installer won’t take 1.5 hour stuck on the same Windows Installer screen like the VS2005 SP1 one!

  2. HLS

    Hi, I found your answer to a question in 2005 regarding specstrings.h and how the “latest (then) PSDK W2003′ solved this. Well, I am wondering if you can give me some feedback.

    I have VS2005, SP1, hot fixes, and I am trying to rebuilt Google new browser. The Chrome WIndows Build home page says install VISTA SDK or 2008 SDK. Last night I installed 2008 SDK and now I am getting these WINHTTP.H errors woth the special macros __out_data_source. Googling this I found you


    Anyway, couldn’t figure it out and I spent all day updating updating to XP SP3 downloading older SDKs for VS2003, but I didn’t install it yet.

    I have XP, should install VISTA SDK or go older/last PSDK for VS2005?

    Since I already have 2008 SDK installed, will it be ok to install the older one too in the same box?

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