9 thoughts on “Writing MiniDumps in C#

  1. Hefe

    Hay, Jochen! I retrieve your article and codes about STACKWALKER from codeproject.com. And I encounted some problems when i tried to wrap your code as a dll, i have no idea about the solution, if you see these words, please send me a email, and i’ll post you the sceenshots, thanks!

  2. Marc Sherman

    Hi Jochen,

    For native code, many people recommend that the faulting process simply signal another process to generate the dump. But in the case of .NET exceptions, I would think that the data structures of the faulting process would not be corrupt and it would be okay to write the dump in process. What’s your opinion?


  3. jkalmbach Post author

    This is a hard question… in general it is always safer to write the dump out-of-process, especially for stack-overflows… but as you said: this is at least true for unmanaged code. I generate (in-process) minidumps for managed code since several months without any problems (except that it does not support source-lines…)
    So: I can’t answer your question…

    MS would say: Please use WER (Windows Error Reporting)! Then you don’t have to care about this, because the dump is written out-of-process.

  4. Hefe

    Hi, Jochen, Would you like to tell me about your email address, i wanna communicate with you about some details about the STACKWALKER, thanks

    with regards, hefe

  5. nico

    Hi Jochen,

    Do you think minidumps are better solution than simply logging the error ?
    What information can we have with a minidumps that we can’t have with a logging solution ?

  6. jkalmbach Post author

    If you have a mixed-mode app, then you can’t log the exeption. Also you never get line-infos (except if you redistribute the PDB, which is not a good idea).
    The main advantages is “line-numbers”…

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